What is a certified translation?

We do realize how important it is to get our crucial documents that are originally in some native language translated into English.

However, having said this, should we not also make sure that the translation service provider is providing us with a certified translation?

Yes, a translation can be of different types and one of them is a certified translation.

Well, you might wonder what this Certified transition is

Would it not be nice if the translator service provider has issued a signed statement, wherein they have declared that the translation has been done is an accurate and true representation of the original document?

It would be even more authenticated and would seamlessly pass through all the stages of documents verification, no matter where you are planning to use them.

This is exactly what certified translation is all about.

In other words, a certified translation can also be understood as a legal record that attests to the translation’s accuracy when it is critical that the original meaning of the source document content has not been affected in any way.


How It Works

Email us your certificates or send pictures through Whatsup.

We will email you bank details/PayTm/GooglePay/ Details for payment

Once ready, we will email you the complete translation for your approval.

Once Approved, Ready to Print Certified Translated Copy Sent Via E-mail and Hard copy send by courier.

Why should I get my documents certified translated?

It is highly recommended that one should always opt for the Certified and Authorized Translation Services especially when seeking to travel abroad or for any undergoing any legal procedures. Nevertheless, only translation does not serve the entire purpose.

The main reason why should be getting yourselves a certified and authorized translation is to not only safeguard your documents’ integrity but also providing a legal record

Certified translations give an assurance to the authorizing body, that your documents have been translated in the correct way. This, in turn, enhances the success rate of your application.

3ADE provides complete and accurate certified translations by professional translators.

What documents should I get certified translated?

The certified translation of all your documents, in case they are not in a universally accepted form, is an absolute necessity when you apply for a Visa and Immigration. Some of the documents are as follows,

  • Marriage/Divorce certificate

Marriage and divorce certificates play a major role while immigration and similar kind of other official announcements. Translating the marriage and divorce certificates into another language would not entirely serve the purpose. It is recommended that you should get the documents certified translated by a genuine translation company like ours.

  • Death certificate

As we know the death certificates have been an integral part of one’s life, it is equally important to translate the same into a certified copy. This immensely helps in cases of property inheritance, adoption matters and numerous other formal tasks. Certified translation of death certificates can be easily obtained from 3Ade at any location in India such as Banglore, Delhi, Kolkata. Mumbai etc.

  • Birth certificate / Adoption agreements documents

From the time a child is born the first and foremost task of every parent or foster parent is to get a birth certificate issues. This marks the existence of the baby and helps in each and every official documentations. On the basis of the birth certificate, many states in India provide the domicile certificate which is another very considerable documents. Hence it is needless to say that certified translation of birth certificate is something you should never on.

  • Education certificates, Mark sheets, Transcripts

Your hard-earned education certificate and mark sheets are proof that you have been qualified for a degree or any type of education. This is the stepping stone to any employment in future or higher education. In order to excel in the application and secure the placement, it is imperative you get your educational certificates as certified translated.

  • Caste Certificates

The Indian government has granted several benefits to the specific caste in our society. To prove that your caste is one of them, you should be generating a valid caste certificate and having it certified translated on eases your life.

Since all of these documents are indispensable for Visa and Immigration purposes, it is wise to have them translated either into the official language of the country where the documents are to be submitted or into the universally understood language: English.




  • 100% Guaranteed Acceptance for Visa, Immigration and Embassies.
  • Certified by a Professional Translator
  • Up to 250 words per page
  • Ready to Print Email Delivery.
  • Notarizations Available

How do I get my documents certified translated?

In order to get your documents translated with certified authority, you will need to visit an experienced translation service provider, who has been delivering unmatchable services with highest data integrity and security. At 3Ade, you get all that is needed to get your documents certified translated

Whom to contact for certified translation?

With an innovative and state of the art approach, 3Ade provides the best certified and authorized translation services in India. With reputable branches at metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai, 3Ade is recognized for accurate and quality assured translation of the documents in regional languages such as Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. to English.

Understanding your needs and urgency, 3Ade also provides translation services within 24 hours along with security, accuracy, and reliability all at once. With a consistently high-performing team, 3Ade has successfully completed more than 5000+ translations across the globe. Get in touch with the executives and let the rest be assured.

We also provide Apostille Services.

  • MEA Apostille
  • SDM
  • Notarization
  • Document Tracking
  • Priority Support


Apostille within 7 working days

Rs. 2499*

  • MEA Apostille
  • SDM
  • Notarization
  • Document Tracking
  • Priority Support


Apostille within 4 days

Rs. 3499*

  • MEA Apostille
  • SDM
  • Notarization
  • Document Tracking
  • Priority Support